Compliance Policy Update - July 13, 2015

To all dōTERRA Wellness Advocates,

On behalf of the executives, we are grateful for your belief in dōTERRA products and our global mission of bringing greater hope to the world. We have experienced amazing growth together as we’ve shared the wonderful benefits essential oils provide. This growth has required us to improve our systems and processes, and it is now also requiring us to mature how we share dōTERRA products with others.

We want to give you an update on how to present dōTERRA products in a legal and compliant manner. dōTERRA continues to work with the FDA on the concerns they raised with us last September. While we have devoted significant additional resources toward compliance and made progress to address the FDA’s concerns about our Wellness Advocates’ disease and drug claims, we need to see much faster and more far-reaching improvement with our efforts to eliminate inappropriate claims.

We want to reiterate our longstanding policy that dōTERRA products are not drugs and may not be promoted to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. No one should make any such claim about our products.

Today we are announcing a new policy and accompanying guidelines about how dōTERRA products can and cannot be marketed. These new guidelines are effective immediately.

  • When talking about dōTERRA or dōTERRA products, including on the Internet, social media, video productions, audio recordings, printed material, webinars, and meetings, Wellness Advocates may only use and make claims that are approved by the company. Please see the “Approved Claims List” at and instructional videos at 
  • All dōTERRA Wellness Advocates wishing to have a static online dōTERRA presence may only use a dōTERRA-approved Replicated Website. Since this Replicated Website is provided by dōTERRA, it will contain only dōTERRA compliant content. These sites may not be linked to any other website or online site. To set up your own dōTERRA Replicated Website, login to and click on the “My Website” tab, then follow the instructions to customize your site. 
  • dōTERRA Wellness Advocates may not have any other independent website using or showing dōTERRA trademarks or trade dress (dōTERRA name, pictures or logos, dōTERRA product names or pictures, etc.). 
  • Any current or existing websites that are not approved dōTERRA Replicated Websites and that use dōTERRA trademarks must be taken down immediately, and scrubbed of any and all dōTERRA trademarks, trade-dress, and other dōTERRA references. There must be no links from these scrubbed sites to any other Internet sites or social media mentioning or referencing dōTERRA or its products. 
  • The only Internet sites that may be linked to an official dōTERRA company website are the company approved Replicated Websites. No other websites may be linked to any website mentioning dōTERRA or dōTERRA products or executives. 
  • dōTERRA branded Facebook pages, Instagram pages, Pinterest pins, blogs, or YouTube channels are not permitted. Specifically, this includes sites with dōTERRA in the name or that are made to appear as a dōTERRA marketing site instead of a personal site. 
  • Wellness Advocates with a social media presence, either personal or business, should review the static content regularly and scrub it to delete any claims in the comment or third party sections that are not legal. 
  • Wellness Advocates should also ensure that any material they produce, sell, or provide in the marketing of dōTERRA products is legal and compliant with FDA regulations relating to product claims. 
  • Wellness Advocates achieving the rank of Premier and above are required to view the training videos and take the online test that will be found on on or before Aug 1, 2015. These reforms are necessary to comply with the law as well as the requests the FDA has made of dōTERRA. Strict compliance has always been a priority for dōTERRA.

We know that our Wellness Advocates strive to comply with the law. There may have been some uncertainty as to how to talk about the products and to make legal product claims, but now--with better clarity and clear guidelines--we anticipate absolute adherence. We know that you have the best interest of dōTERRA at heart.

Nevertheless, discipline for violating these guidelines and resisting compliance may include a monetary fine, account suspension, or termination. If these changes do not result in the desired outcomes, more changes will likely need to be made. We hope these reforms will not only bring us into stricter compliance, but also empower us to speak with greater certainty about the benefits of dōTERRA’s amazing products.

As executives of the company, we have been heartened by the overwhelming and positive responses that we already have received from you to the announcement of these changes on our recent conference calls and trainings. dōTERRA is an amazing company with wonderful products and good people.

Our mission–to bring wellness and hope to those in need—has not changed. We are taking these important steps to preserve the products and opportunities for future generations. Thank you for your cooperation.


David N. Stirling President

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