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Free to Give Program Q&A

What is the Free to Give program?
The Free to Give program is an incentive program designed to help motivate and inspire Wellness Advocates to strive for financial independence. This program focuses on takings steps to become debt free so more of our doTERRA family can be in a position to give back to our local and global communities.
How does the Free to Give program work?
The Free to Give program consists of 4 different categories. These categories are credit cards, vehicles, loans, and mortgages. As you pay off each one of these categories, you will be recognised and have the option to have your story shared with others through our Free to Give website.
How do I qualify to be a part of the Free to Give program?
To join the Free to Give Program, simply complete the enrollment form. Once you have become debt free in one of the areas, email and send in validation to prove that you have paid off your debts in that area. Once your validation is approved, you will receive a certificate and token commemorating your accomplishment, and will be featured on the Free to Give Recognition web page.
What will I receive upon enrollment in the Free to Give program?
When a Wellness Advocate enrols in the Free to Give program, he or she will receive a welcome post card with more details on what the Free to Give program entails. Once you achieve debt free status in one of the four categories, you will receive a chip board to display the tokens you earn for becoming debt free in those selected areas.
What do I receive once I achieve financial independence in one of the specified categories?
Once a Wellness Advocate achieves the status of debt free in one of the specified categories, he or she will be sent a token and award certificate. Your photo and name will also be featured on the Recognition section of the Free to Give web pages.

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