Bulgaria Scholarship Project

dōTERRA Healing Hands Foundation™ supports Dobrich, Bulgaria, community with student scholarships

In 2016, doTERRA established the Esseterre distillery in Dobrich, Bulgaria, and began a partnership with Bulgarian social enterprise The Social Teahouse to support the large amount of orphans in this area. 

The following year, a partnership with the nongovernmental organization Mothers’ Care Club was created in this area of Bulgaria to provide scholarships for orphans and poverty stricken children with little opportunity to receive an education. 
Maichina Grizha, the Mothers’ Care Club, was founded in 1997 and has assisted over 300 children in the Dobrich area of Bulgaria in receiving an education since that time. The Mothers’ Care Club focuses on supporting talented yet challenged children, specifically orphans and children from families living in extremely impoverished financial circumstances, with scholarships lasting 7–12 months. The club identifies youth from these backgrounds who are in some way gifted, and grants them a scholarship to further that gift with tutoring, mentoring lessons, and involvement in activities relating to their area of focus. Gifted students may be extraordinarily talented athletically, scholastically, musically, or in similar fields.
The doTERRA Healing Hands Foundation has provided funding for a primary school, secondary school, and university students. Among the students supported by this partnership so far are elementary school students with awards in chess, karate, piano, and vocal singing; a high school student with achievements and awards for mastering foreign languages; and university students with great achievements in vocal singing performance, national and international awards in Bulgarian folklore, and accomplishments in nature-mathematical sciences. 
Funds for these scholarships are raised annually at a Charity Ball, but the funds raised are never enough to support every student nominated. This partnership is increasing the number of gifted Bulgarian students from challenging backgrounds that are able to receive an education. 

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