Albania School Rehabilitation

The doTERRA Healing Hands Foundation® rehabilitated 5 schools in Albania.


Since the fall of Communism in Albania in the early 1990s, public expenditure has been depleted due to lack of tax revenue, corruption of politicians, and nepotism in the allocation of funds. Unfortunately, public buildings, including schools at all age levels, have been left sorely neglected with few improvements to existing buildings or not building more facilities to serve the growing population. This is especially so in rural areas of the country. 

One infrastructure focus that is most often ignored is bathroom facilities. If the school has an indoor bathroom, it may not have running water let alone enough toilets or even separated facilities for girls and boys. Without the ability to use the bathroom, many students, especially girls, are discouraged from attending school. 

Education for girls is challenging to tackle from a cultural standpoint, as rural families may not be keen on sending their daughters to school due to infrastructure as well as the preference for young women to tend to household responsibilities. Coupling this with young girls not feeling comfortable at school due to hygiene and sanitation limitations further contributes to an existing gender gap in Albania’s education.

doTERRRA currently sources Helichrysum, Lavender and Laurel Leaf (a component in Breathe) from Albania. The company has worked hard to maintain the fields and crops there, helping farmers wherever they can. As always with doTERRA our relationships with our farmers is immensely important. 

The Healing Hands Foundation saw a need to help Albanians further by renovating schools in the same towns where these oils are sourced. Choosing five schools in desperate need of repairs the Healing Hands Foundation went to work. Major repairs were done to the schools existing bathrooms. There was also one new school built during the time of the repairs of the other school.

Albania is currently a candidate for European Union membership. In attempt to join the Union, they must bring their schools up to the correct standard. The standards include bathroom ratios for the students, and teachers in each school. Each school that the Healing Hands Foundation worked on is now up to the standard. This is unprecedented for schools in Albania. 

doTERRA will continue to do humanitarian work in Albanian for years to come and will always be grateful to our farmers who make our essential oils possible. 

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