What has changed on doterra.com

Member’s accounts within the US have been moved over the course of 2017:

  • Enhanced shopping experience: Customers now have a streamlined shopping flow and online shopping experience that is more consistent with other e-commerce websites.
  • Profile Management: The new website enables self-service profile management that allows Wellness Advocates to manage payment methods, billing and shipping addresses, notifications and view their order history.
  • Mobile-optimized: The new website is a mobile-optimized system, so that our members can use their tablet and smartphones to enroll and shop on the go!

Released December 2017:

  • Enrollment: The new website includes multiple ways to enroll; customers can shop then enroll, or jump directly into enrollment from the doterra.com landing page. 
  • Shop-first: Customers will now have the option to shop directly from doterra.com before (or after) logging in or enrolling.

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