Can I have third party materials (e.g. Modern Essential books, Zyto Scan, A-Z guides) at my booth?

As listed in the Policy Manual, only doTERRA approved marketing materials may be displayed or distributed at the event. Though a third party vendor may print materials, we have found that they often do not follow the exact requirements outlined in the Policy Manual. Absolutely no third party material may be used or displayed (including Modern Essentials, Zyto Scan, A-Z Guides, etc.) Impermissible claims or content that compare doTERRA’s products to drugs, including curative or treatment claims, are inconsistent with doTERRA’s Policy Manual and are prohibited. Instead, you are welcome to use any of the resources available on our official sites such as doTERRA website. There are forms, flyers, brochures, PowerPoints, product guides and other tools that are printable and popular for booth events. 

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