dōTERRA Cō-Impact Sourcing®

We recognize the many other gifts essential oils allow us to enjoy, as well as the responsibility to pay those gifts forward.

Through using a strategy called “Co-Impact Sourcing,” doTERRA is working to improve lives and communities throughout the world. Many of the essential oils offered by doTERRA are sourced in developing countries, where the growers and distillers are often at the mercy of third parties. Co-Impact Sourcing helps create coalitions of growers and distillers that eliminate the need for those third parties. Thus, local communities are receiving fair and timely payments that not only support their crops and harvest, but also have a direct, immediate impact on the community as well. doTERRA works with these coalitions to provide the resources, tools, and training necessary to ensure a long-lasting partnership.

In addition to the business side of Co-Impact Sourcing, doTERRA works to improve the quality of life for the families living in these communities through the doTERRA Healing Hands Foundation™. An international, registered non-profit organization, Healing Hands is committed to improving lives and offering hope to millions around the world.

The Healing Hands Foundation has been involved in many projects, including the following:

  • Micro-credit loans providing renewable funding for entrepreneurs in developing communities.
  • Clean water wells and programs.
  • Building and revitalizing schools and clinics.
  • Medical equipment and resources for hospitals and clinics.
  • Education on hygiene and health.

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