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Whether you’re taking essential oils internally, enjoying the aromatic benefits, or applying topically, essential oils empower individuals to naturally maintain their health and the health of their family with the utmost confidence.

doTERRA® offers a selection of single essential oils and a variety of specialty blends. Each essential oil contains unique therapeutic benefits, while essential oil blends create a synergistic effect that boosts the potential benefits even more.

In addition to the essential oils and proprietary essential oil blends, you can also experience essential oils in many common products. In fact, you have most likely already experienced some essential oils—wintergreen in gum, melaleuca in hair products, and peppermint in toothpaste.

doTERRA® continually seeks out new and innovative ways to incorporate the value of essential oils in products that you and your family use.

  • Skin care
  • Hair Care

  • Spa Products
  • Home and Cleaning

  • Wellness Supplements
  • Weight Management

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