Tips for Sharing


Giving someone an essential oil sample is a simple and effective way to introduce them to doTERRA. Once an individual has experienced the aroma and benefits of doTERRA essential oils, he or she will be more inclined to attend a class and learn more. By providing someone with a sample, you have the opportunity to share your personal experiences of how the oils have changed your life, or how you have used them in your daily routine. 
Before offering a sample, ask the individual about what concerns or problems they have to get a better idea of which oil would suit them best. By assessing someone’s needs before offering them an oil, you will be prepared to show them how to use the product for their personal and family needs. 

Sample Cards

When offering a sample, use one of these sample cards to accompany a specific oil. The details on this card provide several simple uses that will help someone who is new to essential oils learn how to use them. Be sure to fill out the back of the card so they know how to contact you if they have more questions.


Following Up

Once you’ve given someone their first introduction to doTERRA with a sample, it is time to follow up and help them learn more. Here are a few things to consider when you follow up:

  • Ask if they have had a chance to use the oil; never assume they have. 
  • If they haven’t used the oil yet, be prepared to offer a personal experience that will motivate them to try the oil. Then, tell them you will call back and follow up with them in a few days.
  • If they did use the oil, ask them how it went. If they loved it, invite them to a class. If they didn’t get the results they wanted, don’t stress. Give them a different oil to try and repeat the process. 

Take a look at what a few of our leaders have said about why they share doTERRA:

“I am motivated by the love that I have for my family, and the desire that I have that more families can enjoy the benefits that my family enjoys.”
–Lizeth Baldemar de Arras

“doTERRA is not something you’re trying to get, it’s something you’re trying to give.”
–Mary Carlisle

“It’s not the wealth or fame that gives you a sense of completion: it’s the effect we have on others that is the most valuable currency doTERRA has to offer.”
–Sharla Snow

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