Holding a Class

When creating a class, focus on your purpose—empowering others through the simple solutions doTERRA provides. Focusing on your purpose will help you determine who will benefit from coming. If you are a new Wellness Advocate with a desire to share but are uncomfortable or unfamiliar with holding a class, ask your enroller or upline leader for help. They can walk you through the process and even oversee the class.


An important but sometimes undervalued element of a successful class is the invitation. While there are many ways for a Wellness Advocate to invite people to a class, it is important to ensure that your invitation has a personal touch.  

Although social media is a good way to inform people of your event, don’t rely solely on posting social media events without adding a personal touch. Invitations given through a phone call or face-to-face visit are best. This will allow you to gear the invitation toward the individual’s interests and needs. If you want a good turnout at your class, try reaching out to your guests in multiple ways.


Once you’ve settled on a final guest list, make sure you have contact information for everyone on your list so that you can follow up with a friendly reminder. Use this class information chart to record your guest list and contact information. This will help you follow up with everyone and remember specific details that will allow you to add a personal touch to your invitation. 


Despite the best intentions, many of your guests will be dealing with full schedules and may forget about your class if they aren’t reminded. It is a good idea to follow up with people after the initial invitation to get a higher attendance rate. Contact each guest 48 hours prior to the class with a phone call. Remind them of the date and time of the class, and share an experience or testimonial that will motivate them to come. A few hours before the class, text each guest as a reminder, and express how excited you are for them to come. 

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