Planning a Class

Class Checklist

When preparing for your class, make sure that you have considered important details concerning the venue, incentives and prizes, invitations, and more. Here’s a simple checklist to help you prepare to hold a class:
  • Determine a time and location 
  • Define your class topic or theme
  • Create a guest list (use this chart to track attendees)
  • Send invitations
  • Plan product sampling, door prizes, or other incentives 
  • Acquire brochures, catalogs, and products
  • Follow up with attendees, send out a reminder before the event

Class Outline

As you plan your class, consider the following class outline to help you get started. For a more detailed outline, take a look at the doTERRA Class in a Box brochure.

1. What are essential oils?

2. Why doTERRA essential oils?

  • CPTG Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade® essential oils
  • Empowering solutions
  • Co-Impact Sourcing® 

3. How do I use essential oils?

  • Aromatic
  • Topical
  • Internal

4. How do I establish a foundation for optimal health?

5. How do I improve my lifestyle?

6. How do I purchase doTERRA essential oils?

7. What are the benefits of becoming a doTERRA member?

8. What path should I take with doTERRA?

  • Living the doTERRA Lifestyle
  • Sharing doTERRA essential oils
  • Building a doTERRA business

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