I've Taught a Class, Now What?

After a class, be sure to follow up with guests who placed orders to answer questions and provide product training.  

Talk with class attendees to see if any of them would be interested in hosting a class and letting you teach in their home. This is a good networking opportunity that will open you up to new contacts that may be interested in doTERRA.  


On a more personal note, take time to evaluate how the class went. If you feel that the overall response was positive, make sure to take notes on what worked well with your audience and how you could replicate those reactions in your next class. If you feel that the teaching or the class response did not live up to expectations, don’t get discouraged! It is not uncommon to have little bumps in the teaching process. However, don’t let those mistakes go unrecorded. Whether the class was incredible or difficult, one of the most important post-class exercises is writing down the various aspects of your class that you feel you could improve on or replicate. This will help you to continually enhance the outcome and effectiveness of your classes so that every class can be better than the last. 

  • Here are some questions that can help you evaluate your class: 
  • How did you feel about the class?
  • What were some of the best moments?
  • What aspects of the class do you feel you could improve on?
  • Were your visuals/demonstrations effective?
  • Were individuals engaged in the material, or would another essential oils topic be better?

As you hold classes and enroll new Wellness Advocates, you might start thinking about building a doTERRA business. By placing new Wellness Advocates on your team correctly, you can earn bonuses that will cover the costs of the products you purchase each month. To understand the structure and compensation of a doTERRA business, read over the Building doTERRA Naturally brochure, a simple guide to developing your doTERRA team. 

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