Slim & Sassy James Mora


Lifestyle Change

At the beginning of the competition, I wore an XXL shirt size, and I was close to needing an XXXL. I broke the button on my size 42-inch pants. The same clothes I had almost outgrown before my lifestyle change were baggy by the end of April. When I finally broke down and bought some new clothes, my new sizes stunned me. I fit into a large shirt and a 36-inch waist pant. I had not been able to wear these sizes for over 10 years and now they fit me perfectly. In addition to dropping two shirt sizes and three pant sizes, I lost a total of 57 pounds!

Before the competition, I could hardly do any physical activity. When I attempted to run on the treadmill, I was barely able to break an 18-minute mile. To make matters worse, I pulled a muscle in my leg because I was trying to protect my bad knees. I turned to an athletic trainer for help. She evaluated me and made suggestions about how I could exercise while protecting vulnerable areas like my knees. In April, I ran four miles averaging less than 10 minutes per mile. I also started biking, swimming, and weight training. Last month, I ran my first triathlon and finished second in my age group. Running a triathlon has always been one of my dreams, but because of my weight I had never been in a position to do it.

Now that I weigh a lot less, I can run, bike, and swim without hurting myself.

These great changes have helped my self-esteem skyrocket. I no longer worry that people are going to judge me every time they see me. I have that old bounce in my step. My clothes are much smaller and fit better. I feel great!

“The doTERRA® products enabled me to change my life. They gave me the extra boost I needed to meet or exceed my goals.”

“These products are so powerful, I could feel the difference in my body’s performance when I took them as opposed to the days when I forgot."*

“I experienced increased metabolism and energy, faster recovery times after a workout, fewer cravings, less appetite, and, of course, less fat on my body.”

My Goals

I set goals to lose 40 pounds in three months; change my diet by cutting out sugars and processed foods; and increase my activity levels by exercising five times per week.

My Tips For Success

  1. Find a good reason to lose weight. Then, when the "off-limits food” is tempting you, you have something that can distract you.
  2. Use Slim & Sassy every day, multiple times per day.
  3. Exercise every day, even if it is just for a few minutes.

*Results vary based on diet and exercise. Typical loss may be less.

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