How You Can Purchase Essential Oils


Once you’ve decided to make the life-enhancing investment in doTERRA essential oil products, you can purchase product through a yearly wholesale membership fee. For a low membership fee of $35.00 or by purchasing a doTERRA enrollment kit, you will automatically become a doTERRA member and will be able to purchase products at wholesale prices 25 percent below retail.


After becoming a member, the yearly renewal fee for a wholesale membership is $25.00. This renewal fee comes with a free bottle of Peppermint, one of the most popular oils doTERRA offers with a retail value of $27.33.


As a member, you have the opportunity to benefit from multiple rewards programs that will help you increase the amount of product you receive and decrease overall costs.

Loyalty Rewards Program
One of the smartest way to receive product-purchasing benefits is by joining the Loyalty Rewards Program. The Loyalty Rewards Program allows you to participate in a recurring monthly order that not only qualifies you for wholesale pricing, but also allows you to receive 10–30 percent of your total purchase in free product points
Product Points
Product points accumulate from each Loyalty Rewards Program order you place. The percentage of the product points that you earn is based on the kit you purchase at the time you receive your wholesale membership. The percentage at which you earn product points grows over time. If your order is 50 PV or more every month, your percentage increases 5 percent every three months until you reach 30 percent. 
Shipping Rewards Program
A Loyalty Rewards Program order placed through Member Services qualifies you to receive 50 percent of your shipping costs back in product points. A Loyalty Rewards Program order placed online qualifies you to receive 100 percent of your shipping costs back in product points.
Product of the Month Club
A Loyalty Rewards Program order placed between the first and the fifteenth, equal to 125 PV or more, qualifies a member to participate in the Free Product of the Month Club. Members participating in this program receive a free product with their monthly order.

A Loyalty Rewards order can be canceled any time by contacting Member Services.

Product points are points that can be redeemed for doTERRA products. 

Personal Volume (PV) – Each product is assigned a specific PV. In many cases, the PV is equal to the wholesale price of the product. 


To help increase your knowledge of essential oils and their uses, doTERRA created the Daily Drop app. This free app is designed to keep you informed about essential oil products through a series of daily videos and challenges. Each video contains helpful facts and tips about doTERRA products that can aid you in incorporating essential oils into your daily routine. To start your essential oil education, download the Daily Drop app from iTunes or the Google Play store.

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