Lofty Goals

Leland & Robin Jones

“Take yourself out of the equation and be brave. We need to realize that this isn’t about our reputation, pride, or comfort level, it’s about sharing a message that helps others”
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Robin and Leland are grateful for the ways in which doTERRA has affected their family. Robin said, “In the four years we have used doTERRA, we are overall just a healthier family.” The changes have not just been with their health, but financially as well. Robin explains, “In less than two years, we have matched my husband’s income. As newlyweds, we wrote down what we thought were silly and impossible dreams, and now they’re coming to fruition. Leland will retire at the age of 30, and we will travel the world doing good and sharing doTERRA.”

This has been possible for Robin and Leland because they have looked to their leaders. Robin said, “Keep going up your organization until you find someone to mentor you. Once you have found that person, share your goals and don’t stop until you reach them.” A quote that Robin repeats often is: “Live today like nobody else wants to, so tomorrow you can live like nobody else can.” She feels it is important to know what you want tomorrow to look like and then work towards achieving it.

Business Tip

“Don’t make judgments. We often tell ourselves that a person would never be interested in direct sales or essential oils, but the funny thing is 75 percent of us who are doing the business right now are those very people.”

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