Confidence & Consistency

Jeff & Crystal Nyman

“If you start to stress about building, then focus on serving first and the rest will come.”
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Crystal decided that she would give doTERRA her full attention for 90 days. She quit all of her other jobs. She knew her attention could not be divided if she was going to succeed. Crystal called Allyse and told her what she had done. Crystal said, “I think I scared her, but she committed to helping me be successful." In 90 days, Crystal hit Silver and in four months she hit Gold. This was a huge blessing, because it was only a few months later that Crystal went through a divorce.

Crystal said, “This is the most successful I have ever been. I went from struggling to not worrying.” Crystal now looks to help her team reach the same level of success. She understands what it means to be in the trenches and she understands the power of persevering. Her reward comes when she helps others. Crystal said, “I once heard that on average a person quits within 2.8 months of joining a multi-level marketing company. People give up too easily. I tell my team that they must have confidence and consistency.”

Business Tip

“Keep recruiting! We get so caught up in helping our team that we often stop doing the things that are necessary for our growth.”

Results not typical. Average earnings are less.

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