Congratulations on Reaching Presidential Diamond

Jim & Tammy Stephens

At this stage, what motivates you to continue building your business?

Tammy: Seeing people step into a leadership role and impact their world. I think people can do so much more than they realize. I can only do so much, but as I raise up another leader, there are going to be hundreds and thousands of lives that will be impacted because of the leadership of that person. Jim: I never want to live a life of being stagnant or complacent. We want to be productive and work. Ray Kroc said, “You’re either green and growing, or you’re ripe and rotten.” We want to always be growing and getting better.

Why should someone want to reach Presidential Diamond?

Tammy: Sometimes people say, “I never want to do what you do because you’re so busy.” But, I have so much time with my grandkids. Jim and I are together practically every day. If I’m going crazy and not disciplining my hours or choosing where to invest my time wisely, that’s my own fault. Sometimes people think about building more than they’re actually building, and that is what makes them think it would be so hard to be a Presidential Diamond. When someone says, “I wouldn’t want to go Presidential Diamond” that’s like saying, “I’m going to stop having birthdays.” You don’t really stop—things are either moving forward or backward.

Jim: The greatest value in life is not what you get but what you become. Why would you want to stop right when you have the time and financial options to go out and really create a life of significance?

What advice would you give to someone who is trying to reach Presidential Diamond?

Tammy: Moving forward to Presidential Diamond is just a natural progression of the relationship that we’ve built with our team. If we’re living life on purpose and always progressing, then there really isn’t a change—it’s just a matter of time. It’s about helping your team get to that substantial paycheck that actually makes a difference in their lives. 

Jim: You need to have that commitment to consistency over time and not become complacent or lethargic with your business-building activities. You just do the same type of activities as when you’re going Platinum. 

How do you and your spouse work together in the business?

Tammy: Jim is a rock, and his stability made him a pillar for our team and that’s powerful. It’s not always about who’s doing the most classes or getting on the plane the most times, because it’s a team effort. Jim: We’ve been working in business ventures together since before we were married. In every situation, in business or in life, you just have to figure out the working relationship. We figured out how to both be productive, effective, and respectful of each other.

Progress into Leadership

Master yourself. “People need to first make a difference in their own lives, then their families’ lives. When they can master and lead themselves, then they can learn to lead other people.”

Strengthen relationships. “Having strong relationships will help us grow into having stronger businesses. We have to learn to work together. That maturity is foundational.”

Always improve. “We never expect to arrive at the perfect place. We have a lifetime of continual improvement ahead of us. We’re going to embrace it, not fight it.”

Conquer internally. “Internal victories precede external ones. As people begin to have internal victories, they can move forward and become less self-centered.”

Serve others. “We don’t need to become perfect or really good at something before we can add value to someone’s life. We just need to start loving people.

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