The Most Beautiful Thing

 Yuwei Feng & Changpu Yu

“Believe in yourself. Give yourself time and space to grow, and do the same for your people.”

She says, “When you encounter challenges, no matter how big, if you have the right attitude the whole world will be different. Your positive attitude will influence others and your journey will be full of joy.” She has seen that for most people, the biggest challenge is their own self. “You have to change yourself before you can change others. Look at everything as an opportunity to improve and become a better leader— then it’s not a problem at all.”

Now, Yuwei can say that joining doTERRA was the best decision she ever made. She says, “This business has helped me grow so much personally. It has made me a better mom, wife, friend, and leader. I am so grateful for everything doTERRA has given me. It is the most beautiful thing I have ever done.”

4 Vital Aspects of a Business Opportunity


“The doTERRA products speak for themselves. They are not only natural and effective, but work quickly and are simple to use.”


“doTERRA has a clear mission to share the gifts of the Earth with integrity and help people in need with a big heart.”


“The doTERRA compensation plan is very clear and simple. Most importantly, it’s reasonable and achievable.”


“Even though doTERRA is growing very fast, it’s still in its early stages with plenty of empty markets and a global opportunity.”

*Results not typical. Average earnings are less. See doTERRA 2014 Opportunity and Earnings Disclosure Summary on

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