Beauty from Ashes

Josh & Season Johnson


“Because I had my own point of desperation with my son, I saw the desperate need that people have to get this information. How dare I keep this to myself?”  

She knew right away that she would hit Diamond before the next convention. She had closed her practice to care for her son so the checks that started coming in from doTERRA were a huge blessing for their family—but that was not her true motivation. She says, “I know what I’m capable of with the knowledge and information that I have. I’m not going to doubt for a second that I have the ability to reach thousands of families with doTERRA.” She didn’t let anything stop her, and she reached Diamond in eight months.

“doTERRA has made the suffering and the heartache of what we’ve gone through with our son not seem in vain,” Season says. “To have this opportunity to educate other people and grow a successful business in the midst of what would otherwise be a pretty devastating life season, has allowed us to see beauty from the ashes.”

Take It into Your Hands


“Don’t sit back and wait. Don’t get frustrated if you have a leg that maybe is not growing as fast, or a builder who is much slower moving that you can help.”


“You can basically take complete control in your hands and in turn be educating and encouraging your builders to still be successful.”


“Instead of sitting back and getting frustrated and deciding it would take me longer to hit Diamond, I decided to keep doing everything I can to reach my goal.”


“I didn’t want to push my builders. I wanted them to grow their business at their own pace. I wanted them to feel authentic; they didn’t need to mimic what I was doing.”


“Because I was taking it into my own hands and moved at the pace I wanted to move at, I in turn helped inspire some of my builders to move faster as well.”

*Results not typical. Average earnings are less. See doTERRA 2014 Opportunity and Earnings Disclosure Summary on

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