Give Back

Darren & Rosie Gremmert

"Connect with the people on your team. Honestly find out what their goals are and then help them reach those."


Darren will be able to retire from his factory job in April next year and have his whole life ahead of him in return for all the hard work he has put in.

“Before, we were not even living paycheck to paycheck,” Rosie says. “We did not have enough.” Now, they are going to be able to retire and move next to their children and grandchildren and have more than enough to give back and serve others. “I feel like all the things I did in my life before doTERRA were stepping stones to build the skillset I needed to be ready when this came into my life. This mission is bigger than any of us, and I’m grateful to be a part of helping that go forward.”

How to Get Unstuck


“Sometimes people want to grow and move forward, but they feel stuck. They keep trying different things, or they feel like they’re doing a lot of work, but they’re not moving forward and they can’t quite figure out why.”


“You just have to pick a path and start on it. Just like a boat, if you’re not moving forward, you can’t make a course correction. You can’t just sit at the fork in the road, take a few steps this way, then that way, and not go anywhere.”


“If you’re not progressing in your business like you want, just pick one simple habit and do that. Whether you’re teaching classes, putting oils on people, or doing events and booths—just start and stick to that one thing.”


“Once you’re doing something, it will become clear to you the other things that you can do to make everything move forward. But, if you just keep sitting there being unsure about what you should do, you’ll never go anywhere.”

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