Blessing in Disguise

Eddie & Angela Villa

“Once you accept the fact that you are a network marketing professional, your fear of telling people about this business goes out the door.”

and our parents for food, bills, and rent, to four years later living in our dream home. We’re able to give back to everyone in our business without thinking about it.” Beyond the financial changes, Angela has also seen a big difference in herself. "I have become a more confident, more outgoing, and stronger person. I believe in myself and in other people. I have invested more in myself than I ever have before, and I believe now that you are the best investment that you could ever make. If you believe and invest in yourself, you will see success.”

Fitting in Business with Family


“Women go through seasons in their lives, and doTERRA allows women to be in any season and still be successful. doTERRA will custom-fit to your life. Don’t change your life for doTERRA.”


“Just find the time. This business can be built in 15-minute increments by sharing an oil or making a phone call. Those 15 minutes add up.”


“When it’s time to be with the kids, we have blackout sessions at our house. From 6 PM to bedtime, we shut down our phones. Because I’ve set those boundaries, my team knows their messages will wait.”


“Learn to run your business and don’t let it run you. Establish times in your day where you’re active in your business, and then when you’re active with your family.”


“Date night is nonnegotiable for us. Every weekend we find a sitter and we never miss—and talking business is off limits."

*Results not typical. Average earnings are less. See doTERRA 2014 Opportunity and Earnings Disclosure Summary on

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