Hope From Freedom

Michelle McVaney & Christina Peters


Michelle McVaney was looking for answers to some problems she'd been having. She explains, “I started researching essential oils.” From there, Michelle started looking at different essential oils companies and decided to use doTERRA because of the Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade standard. Once she started using the oils, people around her noticed a difference and wanted the oils too. Her sister, Christina Peters, quickly decided to jump onboard. Michelle says, “We had no intention of having a business; it fell in our laps. It just took off, and I told Christina, ‘I think we have a business.’”

Michelle and Christina both felt that doTERRA was different and wanted to build to Diamond to achieve financial freedom from debt incurred by a previous business. Christina says, “One of the things that sets doTERRA apart is the fact that everybody can use oils—all the way from newborns to senior adults. There is no end to the people we can reach.” 

“We have an army of people on our team that are out sharing and helping others. It’s an awesome thing to think about, because you just see that God’s hand is at work in this whole company.” –Michelle

They have created success on their team through continually setting up classes with hostesses. Christina explains, “We have people volunteer to host a class in their home and then they invite people to come to the classes. We’ve never really had problems with people getting their friends and family to come because we share oils with the hostess so they can have an oil experience and be really excited about doTERRA. That excitement just carries over when they invite people to come.” They then teach their team the same strategies for setting up classes. Michelle says, “We try to keep everything as duplicable as possible, and that’s why our team is growing and thriving. Every time we do something we ask ourselves ‘Are people on our team going to be able to do this?’”

Even as they work toward financial freedom, Michelle and Christina say they have seen other ways that doTERRA has changed their lives. Christina says, “doTERRA has allowed me the opportunity to be able to stay at home with my children and also have the hope that we are going to become financially free.” Michelle adds, “For me, the big thing was my health. I was a huge mess with no hope because the doctors couldn’t figure out what was wrong with me. Now, I’m completely healthy and I’m about to retire from my teaching job to do doTERRA fulltime. That’s a huge change for me, to be able to do something where I’m my own boss.”

Achieving Your Dreams

  • Set smart goals. “We’re very passionate about setting goals. We make sure we set smart goals that are lofty, but achievable.” –Michelle
  • Focus on doing what it takes. “We are driven to achieve our goals. We sometimes think we won’t make it, but we do whatever it takes. Sometimes that requires doing 15 more classes on top of what we’ve already done or staying up all night trying to figure out ideas for what we’re going to do next—but we do it.” –Michelle and Christina
  • Believe you can. “One of our uplines shared something with us about ‘bending reality.’ This is when something seems impossible, but you can do it if you absolutely believe that you can, because you will find a way. Once we decide that we’re going to do something, we figure out how we’re going to make it happen.” –Christina

*Results not typical. Average earnings are less. See doTERRA 2014 Opportunity and Earnings Disclosure Summary on doterratools.com.

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