Everyone Deserves and Opportunity

Dr Jeff & Chelsea Styba

“Don’t build your doTERRA business based on how you feel day-to-day. Whether we’re encouraged or discouraged, our feelings don’t determine our success. What determines our success is our vision and our mission.”

We all do things to support each other, whether it’s financially supporting each other or hosting classes when we’re on the road. When I’m traveling and flying to different states because someone needs a class, I can pretty much ask anyone on my team to do anything and know that they’ll do it. Our team is more like a family than a business.”


  • Treat it like a business. “Treat your business like a business—don’t treat it like a hobby. People that are most successful in network marketing, and in doTERRA especially, have this viewpoint. Treat your doTERRA business like a multimillion dollar company because that’s what it is. That’s what it has the potential to become.”
  • Create support through systems. “Create systems, create infrastructure, and create automation to help support your customers and also to help support your builders.”
  • Make customer service a priority. “One of the core values for our team is customer service. We don’t allow any excuses for somebody not to be a happy customer. No matter what happens, we support them and we bend over backward for people to make sure they have a good experience with doTERRA.”

*Results not typical. Average earnings are less. See doTERRA 2014 Opportunity and Earnings Disclosure Summary on doterratools.com.

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