A Thriving Business

Joe & Lori Hayes 

“Communicate with your leader on a regular basis. So often, people are afraid to ‘bother’ their upline. We want to answer your questions. We want you to be educated and empowered.”

She says, “I think people try to overcomplicate things, and I don’t. Building a thriving business boils down to duplicating what you do with everyone else on your team. Focus on the basics and train your team to do the same.”

Lori feels like her doTERRA business has been nothing but a great gift. She says, “Between the products and my customers who love using them, and my team who is filled with wonderful, positive, uplifting people, this has been a huge blessing to our lives. After a year and a half, I now make more than double my highest month ever with my previous company. It’s hard to remember life before. It’s so joyful to be able to help people. It blows me away that I can actually make this much and be so filled at the same time.”

Creating an Effective Event


“I train my team to be smart about what samples they offer. Don’t give them something they will need a lot of to see and feel a difference. Give samples that they will see results with.”


“It’s important to show the value of a kit. If you talk in your class about a lot of oils that do not come in the basic kits, then, when it comes time for people to choose what they want, they will see no value in the kits.”


“Between live events, one-on-ones, and online events, you should be holding two to three events a week. You can do this in whatever way works with your life. It’s your choice—all of these options will work.”


“It’s important for your social connections to see that you are dedicated to your business. On-again, off-again screams that you aren’t serious. Be consistent in holding events to set the example for your team. The speed of the leader is the speed of the team.”

*Results not typical. Average earnings are less. See doTERRA 2014 Opportunity and Earnings Disclosure Summary on doterra.com.

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