Beyond Dreams

Becky Metheny

For a long time, all Becky Metheny had from doTERRA was a bottle of Clearskin for her son and a Preferred Member account. She was trying to implement some healthy lifestyle changes into her home, and in particular she wanted to find a good deal on some quality vitamins, but she didn’t know where to look. Eventually, her friend invited her to a doTERRA class, and Becky ended up being the only person to attend. She enjoyed the one-on-one attention to ask the host and teacher everything she wanted to know, and ended up making a purchase.

After receiving her enrollment kit in the mail, Becky read all the information she had gotten and watched all the videos. She started to get curious about the business opportunity. As a single mom of five kids, Becky was having troubles making ends meet. She worked only part-time because she didn’t want to work when her kids were home. She has always had an interest in health, and for several years worked as a birth educator and doula. It was natural for her to start sharing the essential oils with clients and start teaching classes to other birth educators. She says, “I really loved educating other people, especially when it came to giving them alternatives and showing them what other choices they had, most importantly when it gives them courage and empowerment.”

“It seems like there are endless ways to share the oils.”

Over time, Becky progressed from earning enough money to cover her purchases, to having a little extra income, to making enough so she could quit her job, to making more than she ever had in her life. She admits that the idea of being Diamond still overwhelms her. She’s always been intimidated by big rank advancements, but she knows it’s important to believe in yourself. “As a single mom of five, my team looks at me now and says, ‘If she can do this, it’s totally doable for me too.’ I think it makes it a reality for them.”

Becky is really grateful for her team, and believes wholeheartedly that they have a unique family connection. She says, “I seriously feel like I have the best team ever. We are family. They all support each other, love each other, and are there for each other. doTERRA has given me a way of not only impacting people’s health, wellness, and financial state, but has also allowed me to bring together a group that has such a close bond of caring and understanding.”

When she looks back, Becky can see that God answered her prayers to be able to take care of children on her own through doTERRA. She says, “I’m able to give back and help other people the way I’ve been helped. Service is my passion, and doTERRA has been another avenue for me to express that passion to the world. I’m not even doing the things that I’ve dreamed of, because I would’ve never dreamed of being where I’m at right now.”

Structuring Advice

EVERY CASE IS DIFFERENT “I feel like there is no cookie cutter way of structuring your business. There’s not a wrong way to do this. You have to take every case on its own and try to find what works best for that situation.”

THERE ARE NO MISTAKES “I don’t like to call anything a mistake; it’s just a learning opportunity. I think we all have situations we look back on and think, ‘I wish I would’ve done that differently.’ But, it’s those situations that now make me take more time and consideration into where I put somebody. I know I’ll still make mistakes and I’ll still learn. That’s all you can ask of yourself.”

DO WHAT’S BEST FOR THE PERSON “Sometimes you might be able to do what works for your next rank advancement or Power of 3. Sometimes you won’t, because you know that it’s not where a person is going to work best. That can be hard and frustrating, but you do both the person enrolled and the person you place them under a disservice if you put them somewhere that’s not the best place for them. They don’t stick around long that way.”

*Results not typical. Average earnings are less. See doTERRA 2014 Opportunity and Earnings Disclosure Summary on

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