Invest the Effort

Alonto & Desiree Mangandog

“Patience is important. You’re a farmer, planting seeds everywhere. You’re always taking people to the next step, from users to sharers to builders.” –Desiree

They are grateful for the opportunity to live a life beyond the status quo. Alonto says, “Before, I worked at a job where I spent the majority of my life away from my children. I was caged up like a chicken. Now I have the opportunity to spend my days with my family and enjoy my life instead of being beaten down by it.” Desiree also feels that through doTERRA she has been able to use her talents to her fullest ability. She says, “doTERRA helped me find out who I am. I had no idea that I was great at public speaking, or that I was inspirational, encouraging, and motivating. Now, I wake up every morning and I am proud of the person that I am.” That combined with the relationships she has built and the freedom her family has found, she knows that all of the time and energy they invested was worth the effort.

How to Have Committed Builders

Be committed yourself.

“The way you find committed builders is for you yourself to be committed. If you are not a dedicated builder putting in the time and hours every week, then you will not find those kinds of people. You will attract what you are.”

Share with everyone.

“You can’t expect everyone to have the desire to build the way that you do, which is why it’s important to share with everyone. You might need to talk to 200 or 300 people before you find the few super-committed individuals you need.”

Guard your frontline.

“Don’t just put anyone on your frontline and start building under them; you could become resentful in the future if they don’t end up building. Wait until you find a committed builder or sharer.”

Don’t rush.

“I think people feel very rushed and that they need to find three builders immediately. Take your time. Don’t build under someone who is not committed. It takes 100 times more effort to build under someone who is not engaged.”

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