Around the Corner

Wayne & Jenna Henrie

“Have a vision so big that it won’t let you quit.”


  • INVEST IN THEM. “We made a conscious choice early on not to let what makes financial sense dictate all of our decisions, and we believe that people are worth investing in. So, we invest a lot in helping our team be successful, whether it’s assisting with finances for travel or incentives they can’t afford yet. Sometimes I wonder if they see in themselves what I see in them. They have so much to give, and I feel like if we can just help them along until they clarify and refine their own vision, then it will all pay off in the end.”
  • BE IN THE TRENCHES. “We never ask our leaders to do anything that we’re not already doing or that we’re not willing to do. We try to lead by example and not ask more of them than we do ourselves.”
  • SEE THEM AS PARTNERS. “The leaders we work with are amazing. I respect and admire them for their gifts and talents, and I value what they teach me just as much as they value what we have to offer them. We purposely resist the terminology that gets thrown around about ‘my frontline leaders,’ ‘my builders,’ or ‘my Silvers.’ I know it’s a small language nuance, but using the word ‘my’ makes it sound as though I can somehow take credit for who they are and what they have accomplished. I can’t. They are not our ‘downline,’ they’re our partners and our friends.”

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