A Solid Foundation of Belief

Tracy Prince

“When you believe something totally with all your heart, then you can achieve anything.”

Before doTERRA, Tracy had no hope of retirement. She used to tease her children that she would grow old with one foot in the grave and one at the massage table. Now, through her residual income, she doesn’t have to worry. She says, “When you get to this place and you have experienced so many blessings and you have so much gratitude, you just want to help as many other people get there as you can. As your income starts to grow, it’s truly a measuring stick of how many lives that you’ve touched.”

To Succeed You Have to Believe In…


“People need to get educated to have a strong, firm belief that the essential oils work, in the quality of doTERRA, and what makes doTERRA different. Looking at the testing that doTERRA goes through to provide their CTPG® essential oils—there’s just no other company out there on the market that can compete with that.”


“doTERRA is a very solid company in every way. It’s always striving to improve with the Wellness Advocates in mind. The company tries to make it easier for people to do well. The executive team has a win-win business philosophy. They are people with the highest integrity. I’m always impressed with their heart, commitment, and passion.”


“I think it’s important when people step into this that they understand that network marketing is a viable profession and it can be done with integrity. I never thought in a million years that I would say this, but I have a belief in network marketing. If there ever was a sure business opportunity out there, doTERRA is it.”


“In the very beginning, it can be hard for people to believe that they could be Diamond. They need to start small and build on what they can believe about themselves. With each experience they have, their belief is going to build. The more they go along this path, step by step, their belief in themselves is going to grow and expand.”


“A lot of times you will believe in your leaders before they believe in themselves. There will come times where your belief in them is the only thing that’s keeping them in the game. You need to meet people where they’re at, have patience and faith, and eventually they will get there.”

*Results not typical. Average earnings are less. See doTERRA 2014 Opportunity and Earnings Disclosure Summary on doterratools.com.

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