Love First

Steve & Rachel Loth

“My husband and I make decisions together. It’s important to me to check in with him regularly to make sure the stress and time involved is not taking a toll on our family. We really try to stay on the same page.”

She has learned to be patient with people and to focus on building relationships before anything else. She says, “I followed up with one of my frontline leaders for at least a year before she got a kit. I had a feeling about her and I just knew there was something there. I worked on just being her friend and not making it all about doTERRA all the time. I think it’s important to be patient, supportive, and let them know that you love them first.”

Rachel can look back and see that doTERRA has taken her on a journey that she would have never imagined. Years ago, she couldn’t even let herself think that she and her husband would ever stop struggling financially. Through doTERRA, she has been able to not only imagine financial freedom, but achieve it. She says, “doTERRA fit perfectly into what I was already passionate about. It’s given me a platform that I never expected to have and I’m so thankful.”



“Let your leaders know that you care about them more than you care about advancing. We view this as a way for us to minister to people, and that helps us not to get caught up in the mindset of our own success.”


“There are times when you have to say, ‘You’re a key part in what I’m doing this month, do you want to join with me and accomplish something?’ But, I never want to say, ‘I need you to do this for me.’ I wouldn’t want to be treated that way.”


“I’m adamant about keeping family and friends together to build support networks. I was signed up under my sister and stepmom so they both benefited from our team growth and it inspired them to build successful teams themselves. If we had been placed only for our upline’s advancement, we would not be able to work together in doTERRA today.”

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