Red Carpet Dreams

Michael & Melissa Morgner

“My husband’s the one who’s really good at connecting with people. He’s always stepping out and telling people what I’m doing with doTERRA and listening for opportunities to share.”


“I finally had the time and energy to put into something, and I knew that success was possible if I just didn’t quit.”

This September, Melissa’s hard work paid off and she and Michael were able to fulfill her goal of walking the carpet at the gala as a Diamond. Her oldest son saw pictures of it on Facebook and commented that he didn’t think he’d ever seen her so happy. Melissa says, “I felt this moment of guilt when he said that. I worried that it seemed like I was happier with my success in doTERRA than with anything else in my life. I told him, ‘You didn’t see me the day that you were born.’” Melissa is grateful that through doTERRA she has been able to show her children that, like their mom, they can achieve anything they set their minds to.

Sharing the Opportunity


“I’m always listening to what people’s needs are, whether it’s health, income, or time freedom. I pay attention to those kinds of conversations both online and in real life.”


“On Facebook I usually send people private messages when they’ve shared a health ailment or expressed interest in what I do. I don’t want to hijack their wall. I just say I’d love to tell them more if they’re interested. I put the ball back in their court.”


“I don’t ever want someone to feel like I’m fire hosing them with information or being pushy. I want people to really see that I have a heart to serve and help them.”


“We can’t push people, but we can nudge them to the next thing, whether that’s buying a kit or hosting a class. I try not to overwhelm them with all the possibilities, but just get one yes out of them.”


“Once someone shows interest, I send them some oils and information on the business. I send out Leadershipmagazines a lot. I think the variety of people in it helps people see that anybody can do this.”

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