Global Connections

Matt & Alicia Triplett

“I’ve never seen anything close to the quality of the product, the founders, and the compensation; just for that alone, people should be doing doTERRA.” –Matt

Alicia likes interacting with different cultures. Originally from Ecuador, Alicia speaks both Spanish and English fluently and teaches most of her classes in Spanish. She even translates some of the materials that she needs for Spanish use. When she first started doTERRA she had been working a job in human resources, but quit to stay home with the kids. It was a hard decision for the Tripletts to make; they weren’t making much from their doTERRA business at the time. But, she still says, “It was the best decision ever.”

When they decided to go Diamond, Matt created a dream board to fuel his focus. Alicia says, “It was cute. There was a picture of us, a big house, a car, and the income he wanted to earn. It took a lot of work to get there, but we did it.” Today, they have a house similar to the one from Matt’s dream board and they have started to see other dreams come to life. Matt says, “This is what we’re going to be doing, probably the rest of our lives. We’ve found something that we’re fully invested in.”

Deciding to start a website?

Getting a website started can be rewarding, but it is a lot of hard work. Here are a few questions to consider before you begin:


“What is my purpose for building a website?”


“Do you just want to share locally or are you trying to get online contacts from other places?”


“How are you going to get the attention of people online? For example, are you going to share on Facebook?”

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