Get Uncomfortable

Lucas & Nikki Topham

“Don’t get caught up in the outcome. Be willing to get uncomfortable.” –Lucas

For a while Lucas was hesitant to get involved in the business because he didn’t want to get in the way of how much he saw his wife flourishing and growing. Nikki says she couldn’t have done it without her husband, but Lucas insists, “She could, and she did.” Now he’s getting involved in order to catch up to his wife’s growth. The Tophams see that through doTERRA you can become who you really are. Lucas says, “As you grow, your personality is set free. You don’t have to pretend to fit a certain mold, box, or job. You can be successful as who you are.”

Believe in Your Leaders

  • STEP BACK. “I’ve had to learn to stop taking care of everybody. Sometimes that’s gotten uncomfortable, but I had to step back and let people take the reins.”
  • LET THEM TEACH. “At first, I taught classes for everybody and it wasn’t helping them grow. A lot of times, I just had to open up the idea that they could teach instead.”
  • ASK QUESTIONS. “Ask your leaders who are scared of teaching classes what skills they feel they haven’t developed yet. Listen to what their reservations are.”
  • SET EXPECTATIONS. “Now, we set clear expectations up front with people of how many classes I’ll teach for them before I move to supporting them while they teach.”
  • LET THEM SHINE. “Part of believing in your leaders is letting them become leaders themselves. When you’re doing all the work for them, it doesn’t allow them to shine.”
  • DON’T HOLD BACK. “I think about how it feels to know what we’ve accomplished, and I don’t want to hold that back from anyone else.”

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