A Brighter Focus

Ky & Dr. Zia Nix

“Though this business is stressful, we can never allow ourselves to be stressed out. When people decide to do business with us, it’s because they want what we have, and no one wants to be stressed out. Build in time for self-nurturing, family, and balance.”

Zia says, “It was not an easy decision for him to come with me, because it’s really impossible to focus on two network marketing companies at once. He knew there was no way I was leaving doTERRA, and it will be so much more powerful to have both of us working together.”

With doTERRA, Zia is working harder than she ever has in her life, but also having more fun working than she ever has. She says, “It’s given me a lot of hope and excitement about the future. The future seems brighter, and full of possibilities.”

Raising Your Upper Limits

What is an Upper Limit?

“Even millionaires have upper limits. People can only have so much success in their lives until they run into their upper limit. They’ll do something to bring their level of joy down to a manageable level that’s familiar to them.”

Handle the joy.

“You have to ask yourself how much joy you can handle. If you were to actually create everything that you have been working on and achieve all your goals in life, can you really handle it? Most people would hit their upper limit.”

Accepting Abundance.

“It’s important for people to work on their relationship with money and their ability to be OK with receiving abundance in their lives. Until that happens, even if we try to help them, we cannot force success upon them. They will ruin it every time.”

A Level 10.

“Someone has hit their upper limit if business is booming and they go home and fight with their wife, or their health declines. We need to be OK with all aspects of our lives being at a level 10. You have to be always working on raising your upper limits.”

*Results not typical. Average earnings are less. See doTERRA 2014 Opportunity and Earnings Disclosure Summary on doterra.com.

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