Nothing to Lose

Fernando & Daniela Romay

“We’re really good together. We’re supportive of each other and we make a great team.” –Daniela

The Romays are grateful that after all of their suffering, they are now able to work to relieve the suffering of others in so many ways. Daniela says, “I know what happened to our son happened for a reason. I’m trying to honor that reason, because I think this is part of why he came and why he’s gone. I feel so fortunate to work for a company that has the same kind of heart that I do.”


  • Be happy for each other. “Our triumphs are their triumphs. We’re one with each other. Many people in our organization have said how they’ve never been so happy for someone else’s success.” –Fernando
  • Work with your whole team together. “We didn’t work with one line and then the other and then the next, we worked with all four of our frontlines together, and that’s helped them to feel like one whole team.” –Daniela
  • Overcome barriers. “Though they live in different countries and speak different languages, somehow everyone on our team goes together really well. It doesn’t matter what line they are on, they know each other and work together.” –Daniela
  • Share a mission. “We all joined doTERRA because there’s a concern or cause near and dear to our hearts. We want enthusiastic people in our group, people that share the same values as us and the same values as dōTERRA.” –Fernando
  • Become a family. “We do this to build a better world for the ones we care for, but in doing so we’ve expanded the number of people we care for. In doTERRA, you’re a part of a family and they are a part of you and it just expands.” –Fernando

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