Intuitive Connection

Brandon & Katie Adams

Katie Adams was introduced to doTERRA while visiting Natalie Goddard before Natalie had even begun the business herself. Natalie had the essential oils sitting on her counter, and Katie started smelling them and felt an instant connection. After a few days of indecision, she ended up buying the largest kit available. She says, “I felt like I needed them in my life. I knew they were something special.”

She also knew right away that she wanted to get the oils into other people’s hands, but she was held back by her fear. She shared with family and friends and tried to hold classes, but did everything with one foot in and one foot out. It wasn’t until her regular use of the oils made a difference in her youngest child’s premature birth that she overcame her fear of doing doTERRA as a business. She says, “I knew intuitively that the oils were amazing, but I didn’t have a larger experience that showed that. That experience with my son helped me to know that this was something that can have a major impact on people’s lives and help them in a really profound way. When I understood that, I didn’t care what they thought anymore. I knew I had something that could help them, and it was up to them whether or not they chose to listen, but I had to say something.”

“I had a lot of fear in the beginning. In order to grow, I had to get out of my own way.”

As Katie worked to build her business, she was confronted with difficult family circumstances. After a serious back injury, her husband, Brandon, became dependent on his medication and struggled to be able to work. For a period of time, they had to move in with her parents. Katie says, “I just kept moving forward with the business. doTERRA actually helped me to have a large support group of principled people while I managed all that was going on in my life. I think that’s been a huge blessing.” Brandon is now going through treatment for his dependence, and is able to support Katie at home while she is running her business.

As much as Katie loves the products, the business aspect of doTERRA has become her favorite part. She says, “I love seeing people be able to create the lives that they want and to be able to teach them how to shift their perception so that they can do it.” It has allowed her to utilize her gifts and talents in ways she wasn’t able to before. “Without doTERRA, I would be in a much different place. I can’t imagine my life without it.”


  • Make it about their goals. “I try to help them accomplish the things that they want. Instead of saying, ‘I want to hit this, so this is what you have to do,’ I ask them what it is that they want and help them achieve it.”
  • Find their why. “Help your builders dig into their deeper why to help them accomplish their goals. It takes time and effort to push through the blocks that we all have, so they have to keep their goals in mind.”
  • Help them find fulfillment. “If they’re not sure if this is what they want anymore, I remind them that they know the oils are worth sharing. They just need to do the business in a way that works for what they need so that they can feel fulfilled.”
  • Look for solutions that fit them. “Instead of jumping into assumptions, I ask certain questions to see where people are at and how to help them. There’s so much value in evaluating what people really need and helping them that way.”

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