Reaching for the Unattainable

Brad & Tobi Giroux

“There’s absolutely no other business that I could possibly think of where I could have all of my best friends and my closest family members join me in it, love it, and experience huge life changes along the way.” 

The Importance of a Training Program

It keeps you from reinventing the wheel.

“I use whatever good, smart training tools that are made available to me by other people. As a mother of two children, I just don’t have time to reinvent the wheel.”

It gives your team direction.

“I did not have a good direction to send each user, sharer, or builder. Once we started integrating a training system from another successful builder, my team members were starting to get a picture of how simple doing and sharing the business can be.”

It takes the load off the leader.

“Before, my phone was always going off and my Facebook messages were always full. I’m a stay-at-home mother, so my priorities needed to be in other places. Now, I have a path to send people down and they don’t always have to go to me first.”

It empowers your team.

“Before, I would answer my team members’ questions rather than have them search it out for themselves. Now I can tell people where to find answers to their questions. This helps me empower people rather than enable them.”

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