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Bill & Deena Jordan

“I invite people to embrace all five gifts of healing that come with doTERRA: physical, emotional, spiritual, social, and financial.” –Deena

Because of that, I really don’t have a lot of drama on my team. They know I’ll call them on it every time. Usually, they get to the point where they’re doing it themselves. It’s been a huge asset to have healthy leaders.”

Because of their doTERRA business, Bill will soon be able to retire from his job, and the Jordans will be able to spend their time doing the things they’ve always wanted to. Bill says, “The vehicle to do that is having a purpose and then having the mechanism to fulfill that purpose. doTERRA has given us those things so that we can go out and help people in the world.” Deena adds, “I have so much gratitude for where we are right now. I love being a part of doTERRA.”


INTENTION: “An intention is something we want to do but have no control over, like a rank. A lot of times we set a date with an intention then we attach our self-esteem to it. If we don’t hit that intention, we believe we aren’t good enough. That really is very counterproductive.”

GOAL: “A goal has to be measurable, doable, and something we can control. In doTERRA, it can be how many classes we schedule, what educational videos we’re going to watch, what phone calls we’re going to participate in, etc. I teach people how to set their goals, and then their intentions, which is when ranks become involved.”

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