Value Your Time

Ryan & Melissa Herman

“People’s biggest hurdle is confidence. Once they start seeing the business work for people who are close to them, they understand that it’s achievable.” –Ryan

She says, “Now I tell my team to plug their ears and not listen to what people are saying, but to watch their feet to see if they’re moving.” Melissa has found that the back office is where moving feet leave footprints in the sand. By watching people’s back office, she can tell how fast someone is building their business. “Sometimes it just means that you need to adjust their training, but other times it means they aren’t really going to do it. When you value your time, other people begin to value theirs.”

Today, the Hermans are grateful for what doTERRA has brought their family. Ryan says, “I think we’re both looking forward to the future and how much greater it can be because of doTERRA.”

Business Tips

Look two steps ahead.

“As soon as you try going for Elite, you should be watching for Premier. If you position it right, you could hit both in the same month. If you don’t pay attention to the next step ahead, you could structure it in a way that blocks you from moving forward sooner.”

Cast a vision for your team.

“Believe in people. Emily Wright told me it was my time to go Silver, and later, she looked me in the eye and said that I would go Diamond—and I did. I recognized how powerful that was and started using it on our team. We have had so many builders pop out of the woodwork.”

Remember your why.

“You have to remember why deep down inside you are doing this, otherwise you get burned out or distracted. So often people are on the brink of pushing through that paper wall. They’re right there—just one more inch. It’s our leadership role to remind them of their why and lead by example.”

Family first.

“Your family should not suffer for doTERRA . We want you to keep your family intact. Be involved in your children’s lives. You shouldn’t put them on hold while you try to do your business. I feared being successful because I didn’t want to lose my family, but what I found is that you can balance it in a way that you are successful, but still present for your family.”

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