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Mi Hyeon Back


With 10 years of experience in network marketing and an interest in health and beauty, Mi Hyeon Back felt prepared to build a doTERRA business. She was interested the moment she tried the products. She knew it would be a viable business opportunity because all it takes is opening the bottle and letting people smell, and they immediately feel the effects. She says, “The characteristics of the aroma of the essential oils improve the quality of life and give people an immediate result after using the products.” This motivates people to buy and keep buying.

Mi Hyeon doesn’t like it when she sees people talking about the business opportunity without first using the products regularly. She says, “You will not be able to build trust that way, because consumers are smart. You should always try the products first.” She has found it effective to tell her personal experiences with the oils when sharing the products. After introducing the products to people, she calls or visits them in two days or less to hear their responses, recommend new products, and to see if they want to share with other people. She knows that after 48 hours people are more hesitant to make a decision, so it’s important to meet with people as soon as you can.

“My family is completely supportive. They trust me, and they always encourage me.”

She has found that many people on her team are afraid of rejection and so have a hard time building their businesses. She says, “I often have a meeting to share my experience as a person who has already done this business. Through these meetings, I help them to become confident enough to share doTERRA.” She encourages them by telling them that the products are so powerful that they’re easy for people to accept.

Mi Hyeon also allows her team to discuss each other’s failures and successes at these meetings. She doesn’t force her way of doing things on anyone, but lets them talk to each other about what to do. She says, “An important communication rule that should be applied is to try to see things from someone else’s point of view. Also, don’t forget that everyone loves to hear compliments.”

She was able to achieve Diamond because she focused and worked hard. She wanted to prove that anyone could do it. She says, “I still have a lot to learn. I want to be a leader who plans 10 years ahead and continues to try. I want to do my best to develop together with my partners. Go, everyone!”

How to Reach Diamond

  • Use the products first
  • Have confidence in yourself
  • Attend every meeting
  • Look forward and have a plan for the future
  • Keep studying
  • Put in the time and effort with passion

*Results not typical. Average earnings are less. See doTERRA 2014 Opportunity and Earnings Disclosure Summary on

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