Focus on Others

Fumiko Yoshimoto

"If you only think about yourself, I don’t think you can be a Diamond."

She has found that building her team is similar to building a family. She says, “The big key is to build relationships with people. You have to have a lot of patience and love.” She focuses on understanding their situation and point of view, sharing how she has dealt with her difficulties in the past, and showing them hope for their future.

The most important thing Fumiko would tell other builders is to not think of yourself. She says, “Think of what you can do for others. Don’t think about your limits. Always believe in your ability. Focus your life on the mission of doTERRA.”

Supporting Your Team

  • Follow-up: “It’s important to follow up with them so I know where they need help.”
  • Motivate: “Remind them of their goals. If they don’t believe in their potential, I show it to them.”
  • Lead: “When they don’t know what to do, I light their way and walk together with them.”
  • Forgive: “Every human being is imperfect. We need to forgive others and support each other.”

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