Bring Love

Edward & Linda Ye


Before doTERRA, Linda Ye avoided network marketing. She felt that when her friends asked her to buy their products, they put her in the difficult situation of choosing between their friendship and wasting money. She had experienced essential oils, but only low quality ones from a massage service. When JauChing Lai, now a Diamond, introduced Linda to doTERRA essential oils, Linda liked the smell and feel of them right away.

Linda was a product user for almost a year before becoming involved with the business. She did not fully understand the business aspect of doTERRA, and wasn’t interested in looking into it. She says, “I will call my success a random result. I used the product, liked it, told my friends and relatives about it, and it just grew by itself until I recognized that I was on to something.”

Today, she shares the products with others by letting them first smell the essential oils. She shares how they have benefitted her own family and asks if they are bothered by the air quality or product safety in China, avoiding directly asking about their personal lives. When they begin to ask about specific oils for specific benefits, she will go from there.

“You have to experience the product first and become a true believer in the value of doTERRA products.”

She knows it’s important to regularly support, communicate, and socialize with the builders she does have. She says, “To be Diamond, you need to bring love to the product and to your team. Talk about the products with great confidence and passion. Help your team members succeed with no hesitation or reservation.”

Linda feels very lucky to have an upline that provided her with great support. They provided coaching and help from the beginning, are there for her when she has questions, and have been willing to travel to help their team grow. She also knows she would be nowhere without her downline. She says, “Without their hard work, dedication, and great collaboration, our team wouldn’t be as successful as we are today.”

Diamond Tips

Become a true believer of the product. Enjoy the products and understand them.

Share the products with friends and family.

Wholeheartedly support your downline team members.

Build a great leadership team, support them, learn from them, and work together for the success of everyone instead of focusing on yourself.

*Results not typical. Average earnings are less. See doTERRA 2014 Opportunity and Earnings Disclosure Summary on

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