Quality and Integrity

Fred & Carrie Donegan


Though the Donegans have grown quickly, they have succeeded in maintaining their Diamond rank and recently advanced to Blue Diamond. They say, “The key to hitting and maintaining rank is goal setting. If you help your leaders and their team formulate and execute their plans to reach their goals, then you will achieve yours. It is a process that happens from the bottom-up, not the top-down.”

For Fred and Carrie, the road doesn’t stop here. “Achieving Diamond isn’t just a short-term goal for us. We see it as a mile marker on a long and pleasant journey. So far, the people we have met along the way have been great. We look forward to meeting many more as we continue our journey with doTERRA in the years to come.”


Keep a list of people to contact. Write down why you are contacting them so that when you call, you focus on their needs and not on your goal. Once they have enrolled, mark a date for your next meeting.

Always introduce the Loyalty Rewards Program when they enroll. Be sure to guide or coach them through a 90-day plan for success that addresses their particular issue or concern. You want them to be able to experience what doTERRA can do for them when it becomes a part of their daily lives.

Check in with your new enrollees one week prior to their next Loyalty Rewards order shipment date. Ask them how they are doing and help them set up their next Loyalty Rewards order.

Results not typical. Average earnings are less. See doTERRA Opportunity and Earnings Disclosure Summary on doterratools.com

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