Growing Together

Damian & Jenna Fante

doTERRA seemed to come at the perfect time for the Fantes. Jenna had become increasingly interested in natural health and wanted to get out of her pharmaceutical job. Damian had been trying and failing to get a job and earn more money for the family. Then Jenna’s coworker, Jessica Moultrie, introduced her to doTERRA.

The Fantes were both ready for something new and enjoyed that doTERRA was something they could do together. They were skeptical of network marketing at first, but decided to put their all into it and succeed whatever the odds. Jenna says, “It was a pathway to achieve what we had always wanted for our family.”

As they started working together, they had to learn how to best take advantage of each other’s individual strengths. Damian says, “In the beginning, each of us tried to do all the jobs and that wasn’t very constructive. We needed to take advantage of what each of us is good at and divide out the jobs so we weren’t stepping on each other’s toes. More got done because we weren’t doing the same thing twice.”

Jenna and Damian have learned to be organized about who helps take care of the kids and who focuses on work at any given time. They make sure to look at the big picture and keep in mind when things are going to be busier or slower— like when they do Diamond Club, or when they have a new baby. Jenna says, “We look at our business in phases. We communicate what we’re committing to during each phase so we both know what we’re getting into and how much effort we’re going to put in.”


They also try to communicate with their team in such a way that they can help them help themselves. Damian says, “You have to build relationships with your team because the closer you are, the more you communicate, and the more you take time to mentor them. Also, as you build your relationships with them you will be able to trust them as a leader because you’ve been with them every step of the way.”

Most of all, they are grateful for the opportunity to live their dreams. Jenna says, “It’s opened up the possibility to do whatever we want as long as we commit and don’t give up. It’s been really rewarding to do this business. You start from zero. To then build it to something significant and see others do the same thing in their lives—that’s pretty powerful.”



“We believe everybody has the answer they’re searching for inside of them, it’s just a matter of asking the right question for them to find it.” –Damian


“I needed to learn to step back and let people come up with their own solutions to their problems. That helps build them up as leaders.” –Jenna


“It takes time. It takes communication. It takes passing things o— to them and not looking over their shoulders waiting for it to get done.”–Damian

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