The Importance of Corporate Events

Hear from several doTERRA Diamonds and Blue Diamonds about what corporate events have done for their teams.

How do you encourage your team to attend corporate events?

“I always use recognition as the means to get my team to corporate events. For every Silver on my team, I reward them with a ticket to Leadership Retreat. When they hit Gold, I give them a ticket to the gala, and when they hit Platinum, a ticket to convention. I over-emphasize the need for everyone to attend these events.” –Carol Ann Guest, Diamond

“I o„ffer free tickets as incentives for growth where I need it. Sometimes I give them to leaders to use as they see fit. I have given tickets at half price or free to needy people who show potential. I have paid for hotel rooms or o„ffered them at half price. I have o„ffered to buy meals for my team, or had a dinner during the event to gather for recognition.” –Kathy Pace, Blue Diamond

“You need to help create the desire by explaining the benefits and what they can expect from the event. We want to know what’s in it for us. It seems a bit selfish, but that’s how we are. Why would I go to an event that I thought would offer me nothing but wasted time? We focus on helping them understand how great it will be and what they’re going to miss out on if they don’t attend.”–Rob Wilson, Diamond

“The truth is, I am very selective about what events I promote to my team. I respect them and their time, and they have come to trust me because of it. When a corporate event comes up and I talk it up big time in my Facebook group, my team knows that it is something worth their time.” –Farrah Collver, Diamond

“More than anything, we inspire an understanding that these events are a powerful and valuable investment in your business.” –Arin Ingraham, Diamond

Why are corporate events important?

“There is nothing quite like the joy and energy you feel sitting in a sold-out crowd of happy, thrilled Wellness Advocates.” –Joan Coon, Diamond

“These events are crucial! I think that these events show the passion, integrity, and heart of doTERRA. If you have someone on the fence, these are the events to get them to. We need and want people to see how our corporate executives are not about anything more than serving their company and providing natural solutions. The compassion they have for each one of us shines through. They give us the ability to see that we are a part of something bigger.” –Jessica Iddings, Diamond

“After an event, people have more conviction that this is a great movement, and they want to be a part of it. Events help leaders become solidly committed to the company and it helps them in their path to success by giving them enthusiasm and knowledge.” –Kathy Pace , Blue Diamond

“They help people understand the big picture. I always tell my team that doTERRA is more than a company selling a product—they are out there making a difference in our community. They work with doctors, hospitals, and researchers to perform studies to show the effectiveness of essential oils. At events, they pass their findings on to us and educate us on why and how to use the products. You also better understand the global impact doTERRA is making within their sourcing network, and that we, as Wellness Advocates, play a part in that role.” –Wendy Berry, Diamond

What diff™erence have corporate events made for you and your leaders?

“It is a game changer for so many people to attend a corporate event. This is where leaders emerge and become inspired. They spark support in spouses and create the fuel to take your business to the next level.” –Aimee McClellan, Diamond

“My team explodes in volume and business-building interest after attending corporate events.” –Marty Harger, Diamond

“Events provide tremendous training and encouragement. Everyone is fired up to get to work!” –Dena McCaffree, Diamond

“A husband of a woman on my team showed up to a Diamond Club kickoff event two years ago with a lot of attitude. He was not OK with his wife doing Diamond Club. He was sitting there with his arms crossed when Emily Wright came over and knelt down next to him. She talked to him in such a way that she touched his heart and soul forever. He tells how he realized this was an amazing company because of who the owners are and what they share. This couple has since hit Diamond and are forever changing lives. Events have been so powerful for our team.” –Maree Cottam, Blue Diamond

“After having attended a corporate event, I’ve noticed my leaders have a deeper level of commitment from both a product-use and business-building stand point. The excitement and energy they experience is infectious and carries forward.” –Wendy Berry, Diamond

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