From Breaking Point to Dancing Free

Aimee Decaigny

“I’ve often found that when we haven’t brought our family on board with our dōTERRA vision—hiding it, instead, until we’ve got something we think is ‘worth sharing’—that’s when we stretch ourselves too thin. We’re still trying to do all the things that we usually do while also growing this incredible business that could turn into freedom for our family, and it drains us. So, the first people you need to invite to join you in your business are your spouse and your family.” —Aimee Decaigny

Aimee believes that “success in this business requires getting really clear on what’s important to you, and your family if you have one. When someone talks about making sacrifices or being stretched thin to build their business, it tells me that something is out of alignment for them.” She felt something was out of alignment in her lifestyle, and chose to quit drinking because she was willing to see if that would help improve her mindset and vision. The combination of therapy and this powerful lifestyle decision enabled Aimee to serve with clarity and focus, which led to greater progress in her business. Two and a half years later, Aimee is still sober and resolved that alcohol has no place in where she is going next.

As a result of her cleared mindset, Aimee noticed some of her downline exhibiting the same weaknesses of self-doubt that she had. One emerging builder in particular was “scared to use her own voice, believing that she didn’t know enough yet to take the leap and spread her own wings. She couldn’t see how skilled she was at bringing people together in a learning environment, and she was holding herself back from sharing her message.” So, Aimee looked for opportunities to nudge this builder to the edge so she could take her own flying leap of freedom. One night, when Aimee was scheduled to teach a class with her builder, Aimee called and informed the leader that she couldn’t make it that night. The shy builder taught all by herself for the first time, closing with 100 percent, and believing in herself. She texted Aimee, “I did it! I did it!”

Thanks to the choices she made in her personal life, and the foundation of good leaders, friends, and family, Aimee is now able to take off. “An effective leader will teach you now to not need them,” Aimee believes. “Everything we need to succeed, we already have, and an effective leader will help us see that. I love seeing that realization land in someone and they take off. There is such freedom in that.”

How to Avoid Stretching Too Thin

Aimee Decaigny shows great insight into the worry about being stretched too thin. “I’m a believer in figuring what is really important when it comes to how we invest our time. I’m a believer in slowing down my ‘yes’ because I know that it means I will likely need to say ‘no’ somewhere else. I also believe that if we have too many goals we might be distracting ourselves from actually pursuing any of them.” 

What are some areas in your life that you often say ‘yes’ to and regret later? Think about the inverse: what areas of your life do you always have to say ‘no’ to when you’d rather say ‘yes’? Spend some time pondering this and discuss your thoughts with your loved ones.

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