Eyes to See the Possibilities

Renee and Byron Twilley

“Sharing oils and guiding others in their doTERRA adventure is not just a business, it’s a stewardship.”

Now the Twilleys empower others to have the same long-term vision for their lives and business. “We often hear doTERRA is a personal business wrapped up in essential oils. And it’s true! We’re all learning and growing as individuals, and as a team. We always offer unconditional love and support for our team members. We always show up and are there as a friend and mentor.” 

This proved especially true for one of the Twilley’s struggling team members. The couple recognized this person wasn’t ready to run workshops alone, but they also saw their team member’s potential and were ready to step in with encouragement and support. Renee and Byron ran more workshops than they normally would to help their teammate succeed and grow. “Now that person is a Diamond leader! Introducing them to the oils, focusing on their journey in health, and then inviting them to share at the right time was the perfect approach. It was the perfect example of how we need to be flexible in our mentorship and focus on the needs of our team.”

Renee and Byron’s leadership style is anything but shortsighted, and this expansive vision of what is possible yields success and joy, not only for their own family, but for every life their stewardship reaches.

There’s no right or wrong way.

“We look at each placement individually and make a choice that works best in the given situation.”

Don’t rush rank advancement.

“Look at long-term relationships and possibilities.”

Grow where you are planted.

“Accepting and embracing where you are is one of the biggest lessons in placement we have learned.”

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