The Beautiful Possibility of More

Kelly Ketler

“It isn’t easy to balance all my priorities, and I’m okay with making small sacrifices for our future because I know it will be totally worth it. I’ve learned that the dream of time freedom that initially motivated me to pursue this business is really just a small piece of the bigger vision we now see for our future.”

Kelly’s core motivation has always been her family. Prior to becoming a mom, Kelly’s financial goals were not something that she gave much thought to. “We had enough money to keep a roof over our head and support our lifestyle. But looking back, I see that I was dreaming on a small scale!” Kelly’s two children and the opportunity of doTERRA opened her eyes to a world of possibilities. Kelly is paving the way, opening the door, and setting an example for her daughters to adopt the same vision.

“My two little girls quite literally think I’m the coolest thing since sliced bread—at least for now! I hope the example I am setting for my girls empowers them to find their own journey of discovery and growth. I want them to do hard things, to feel fulfilled, to explore, to make a difference in this world, to help others, and to feel the freedom of endless opportunity. So, while I am still cool in their eyes, I will show them my version of that path.”

Kelly is grateful for the constant support of her husband. From the beginning, he saw how fulfilling her work was for her, but he also saddled up beside her to enjoy the journey. “He comes to events—like leadership and convention; he soaks up the energy just as much as I do! Along with all the joy, he has shared the struggle of being stretched thin and trying to balance our lives.” Kelly and her family are grateful for all the richness their journey has added to their lives. She says, “I wholeheartedly think that doTERRA has opened our eyes and hearts to the possibility of more!”

See people first.

“I enjoy having meaningful conversions with people about how the oils positively impact their lives. It’s amazing to help them open their eyes to possibility.”

Find joy in education.

“We get to be sources of powerful knowledge! Have fun with this and remember you have information others need.”

Grow your network.

“In this business you get to make connections with new people that we may not have otherwise had the space or means to connect with! I consider that a true gift!”

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