Robyn the Rock

Robyn Simon

Robyn the Rock

Australian founder Robyn Simon, age 74, is a living archive of doTERRA history down under. As a builder in the early days, Robyn faced remarkable hurdles in getting her own doTERRA business off the ground, but also mentoring generations of leaders who would follow in her footsteps. Her sphere of influence has grown from an essential oil online forum, to a sprawling network of international Wellness Advocates that have been touched by her mentorship, knowledge, and love.

From the begining, Robyn was in the trenches, cheerfully greasing all the gears that powered doTERRA’s growth in Australia. From shuttling visiting executives to and from the airport, to fastidious record keeping, she managed the details, no matter how small. This was especially true in 2010, when Robyn’s team suffered the loss of upline leaders. In those days, with their structure in peril, Robyn was desperate to aid in the search for replacements. She found what she was looking for in John Overbeek and Paula Eckert. She remembers, “When I saw them meeting and greeting people at a local town meeting, handing out doTERRA sample oil bottles and lanyards, I was impressed.” It was not long after that John and Paula flew up to Sydney, where Robyn’s team gathered to accept John and Paul as their new upline.

Robyn and her growing team continued to face logistical and leadership challenges as their presence grew in Australia. Yet, despite the hills and valleys of being an early builder, Robyn’s vision has always centered on building relationships. Her love of people and her passion for the product gave her an anchoring purpose. She explains, “Amidst all the challenges of the early days, there were always bright moments that sustained me and others.”

One such bright moment took place while Robyn was in Utah for a Diamond Day training with Alyse Sedviy. Kirk Hamilton and his wife Jennifer generously offered to host Robyn during her stay. In the course of conversation, Kirk reminisced about his own early days building his doTERRA business and the story about placing John and Paula back in 2010 came full circle. “Kirk told me, ‘Robyn, when your team placed John and Paula as your new upline, it impacted me and my family thousands of miles away. Jennifer and I were just starting out and struggling financially. Then out of nowhere, there was about $800 added to our family paycheck. It was a miracle.’” 

There, with the Hamilitons, Robyn saw clearly the ripples of her consistent efforts, year after year. “What we are doing in our business, in our teams, and in the lives of those we touch is far bigger than we could ever imagine,” she says.

Face to face.

“Digital tools and processes are not always the solution to our business problems. Building relationships still works best for me, even in the digital climate.”

Never give up.

“This is the motto I live by. Over the years, our team has experienced countless changes, challenges, even abandonment. Through it all we have known to never give up in the face of difficulty.”

This is an adventure.

“Remember that you are writing a wonderful legacy through this work. Have fun. Embrace the struggles and the triumphs!”

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