The Value of Vision

Cecilia Moreno

The Value of Vision

After thirteen years as a health care professional, Cecilia was considering closing her dental practice to pursue her dream of succeeding in her doTERRA business. But she wondered what people would think of her. After all, she was only familiar with the traditional standards of success. After graduating fourth in her university class, she opened her own dental office and had score of happy and devoted patients. But now, she found herself looking down a non-traditional career path with dōTERRA and wondering if she would succeed. “Is it wise to discard all the time and money I invested in my dental career?” she asked herself. “What if this new business doesn’t work? Can I go back to dentistry?” Despite these heavy questions, Cecilia felt joy and hope at the possibility of making her family dreams come true with doTERRA.

The transition out of her dental practice into building wasn’t easy. Cecilia says, “I knew that if I wanted to be a successful leader in doTERRA, I needed to dedicate enough time to my business. So, I gradually scaled back my work in the dental office until I was working on my patients only one day a week.” This was difficult for her patients to understand and some criticized her of neglecting her practice to sell oils. Despite others’ perceptions, Cecilia remained determined. “I knew I would move forward no matter what. I entrusted my entire dental practice to my college and friend, Cynthia. The way I saw it, I was trading my career treating mouths and teeth for an opportunity to treat hearts, and that made me happier.”

Cecilia’s decision was made, and the new arrangement seemed to be working smoothly, until personal hardship hit the women at the helm of Cecilia’s office. Cynthia was called away to the U.S. to be with her gravely ill mother, and Kimberly left the office after the birth of her baby. “The two key people running my office left in the same year, and I felt like my world was falling apart,” remembers Cecilia. ‘I was tempted to leave my doTERRA dream so my dental could survive this crisis.”

However, after consulting with her husband and partner Jaime, Cecilia knew this was not the time to look back. Leverage her strength of focus, she pushed herself to achieve the goals within her team and still treat patients in the dental office only once a week, and with the help of four bright leaders on her doTERRA team—Angela, Claudia, Cynthia, and Sandra, Cecy and Jaime finally hit Diamond.

“I like to say that doTERRA came into our lives providentially,” says Cecilia. “I look back and recognize that I couldn’t have sustained the rigorous work of my dental practice for much longer. God granted me this opportunity to shared gifts from the Earth to solve the problems I didn’t really know I had at the time. We still have a long way to go before we achieve our ultimate goals, but we are certainly on our way, trusting in our divine Pilot who placed us on this wonderful path.”


“My decision to leave my dental practice to build this business was difficult. I hope our story gives extra courage to others who are facing similar crossroads. Leave behind what you have now so you can achieve your dreams.” —Cecilia


We believe that if we trust our decisions to God, He will bless our path, no matter what the outcome. With God there can always be a positive result.


We sacrificed time and activities, knowing in our hearts that the time we invest on our business today will be return as free time in the future.


doTERRA is not a speed race, but an endurance race. Your Why is the only thing that will help you keep moving through adversity and spark the creativity you need to succeed.

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