Choosing doTERRA

Kristel Ramírez

“I know people are praying every night for an answer like I was, and I want to give them the solution of doTERRA.”

Although Kristel has experienced challenges along the way, especially difficulties in working in a foreign market, she knows she has a calling to keep going. “I need to keep sharing this amazing opportunity to my wonderful Latino community around the world because I know they can change their health and financial situation, and I can’t take that away from them.” The key to persevering has been keeping her sights set on her goal to share the blessings of the essential oils and business opportunity with the people of Peru, as well as other countries, including Colombia, Chile, and the United States.

Now that she has reached Diamond, Kristel knows her hard work isn’t over, but she’s more dedicated than ever. She says, “I want to empower people. This is my calling. I feel one of the reasons God brought me to the United States was to find doTERRA, and now I need to help other people find it as well.”

Kristel is especially grateful that the flexibility of the doTERRA business allows her to stay home with her two daughters. She also saw the power of residual income when she was unable to dedicate as much time and effort to her business during her second pregnancy— but the checks kept coming. Kristel then hit Diamond just months after the birth of her daughter. “Having a baby gives you empowerment because you’re motivated to be successful for your family.”

To Kristel, that’s one beautiful aspect of this opportunity—you can make your doTERRA business your own. “People have so many different types of businesses with doTERRA because we have the freedom to do it however we want. Just keep choosing doTERRA. It changes everything.”

Push Through

Overcome Discouragement

“When my team members become discouraged about having only one person attend a class, I remind them my husband and I were the only attendees at the first class I went to. Tiffany was so brave to invite me, but she was nervous because she didn’t speak Spanish. Her husband, Andy, helped us, and now they build their business together.”

Boost Personal Development

“Personal development helped me a lot when I was trying to hit Diamond. I needed to feel like a leader—a great leader. Even when I can’t do everything, I tell myself I am a great leader. I needed to be more confident in myself, and when I got to that point, my business moved quickly.”

Continually Choose doTERRA

“Sometimes I hear people talking about other companies and the perks they offer. It’s like your spouse—there are other men and women out there, but you chose your spouse because you love them and you knew it would be a good partnership. Remember why you chose doTERRA and why you love it.”

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